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Terms & Conditions

Fujikagu Industry Co., Ltd.

Masashiyoshi Shibayama 

Street address: 1 Kamisugo, Miyoshi-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Aichi, 470-0224 Japan
Phone number: 0561-34-3741
Fax number: 0561-34-0625

Required price other than goods
• Transfer fee
When "bank transfer" is selected as the payment method.

• Shipping fee
By region / weight. Even if you order multiple items each delivery costs will be charged per point.

How to Order
Please click on the "Add to Cart" button of the product you wish to order.

Payment Method
• Bank transfer (prepaid)

• All ordered items will be arranged after confirming payment. (We will secure the item after depositing).
• In addition, we are very sorry, but we ask for the transfer fee at the customer's share.
• Card settlement (It becomes prepayment)

• After confirming your order we will contact you via e-mail with the card payment screen URL from the staff in charge. ※ Shipping fee depends on product and purchase number.• After confirming your order amount, we will contact you from the staff in charge. In that case please pay with the desired payment method.

Due date for payment
• Bank transfer

• You'll have to pay before. After your order, we will contact the staff in charge responsible for delivery date and shipping fee.
• As payment can be confirmed, delivery arrangements will be made, so the expected delivery date may change depending on the payment situation.
• Card settlement

• You'll have to pay before. After confirming your order, we will contact you via email with the payment screen URL from the staff in charge.
• If payment can be confirmed, we will arrange ordering and delivery arrangements, so the scheduled delivery date may change depending on the payment situation.

Delivery time
• In case of inventory items
• We will contact you in charge of shipment time from staff in charge.

• In the case of bank transfer, we will ship within 2 weeks after payment is confirmed.
• In case of ordered goods

• In the case of obtaining goods, we will inform you of the arrival date with e-mail etc. We will ship as soon as we arrive.
• The inventory of ONLINE STORE is shared with directly managed stores.

• For this reason, even if you have confirmed your order once on ONLINE STORE, inventory may not be available.
• In the case of out of stock, we will contact you within 2 business days (except year end and new year). Please note.

Returned goods / exchange
 Returned goods due to customer's convenience can not be accepted.
• If there are initial defects or product differences in the item you delivered, please be sure to contact us beforehand within 2 days after delivery.
• We will replace the defective item with a new one or a correct item at our company's expense.
• In addition, please keep the exterior case, packing materials etc without throwing away in case of trouble.
• The quality level varies depending on the product.
• Please understand beforehand that it may not be accepted even if you receive an inquiry about a defective item.