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Please use this mail-order site according to this agreement. Although the contents of this agreement are subject to change as necessary, we can not contact you each time, Please refer to the latest terms and conditions published on this page when using.

Terms of use
• This site is person who can deal in Japanese over 20 years old, delivery will be limited only in Japan.

• A person who can always receive, view, and manage e-mails sent from us.

Usage environment
In order to use this site, you need to access this mail order site. Customers need to prepare necessary equipment and software, communication methods, etc. for their responsibilities and costs, and install and operate them appropriately. We will not engage in any preparations, methods, etc. for customers to access our mail order site. I can not respond to any questions at all. Although we allow you to access the website that we offer, we do not guarantee the reliable provision of the contents of the contents and access results at all. We are not responsible for any damage caused by obstacles to providers, PCs, etc. Please understand beforehand that this site may be temporarily closed due to system down due to concentration of usage or unexpected troubles etc. on this mail order site.

This mail order site may suspend the site without notifying in advance in the following cases.
• System maintenance
• When trouble occurs
• When we determine that it is necessary to suspend

Ordering and purchasing
When ordering, please be sure to confirm product details information. If you order, we agree with the details of the item. Cancellation after your order can not be accepted for any reason. If we judge that your order is inappropriate, we can delete your order. Please pay shipping fee and bank transfer fee according to need other than the order item price. We will contact you by e-mail from those who ordered.

Disclaimer of our company
We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this mail order site or because it was not available (Including lost profit, opportunity loss etc), we will not be responsible for anything.

In the event of damages to other customers due to the use of this site, or due to failure to use it, we will settle ourselves with our own responsibility and cost, and shall not inconvenience our company at all.

In the event that the data has been lost due to the failure or trouble of the equipment providing the service, the failure of the communication circuit, etc. and the continuation of the shopping becomes difficult, we will stop selling unconditionally without requiring the notification notice We shall do. We are introducing SSL to manage information and secure online transactions. In spite of the security measures by SSL, we are not responsible for damages caused by unlawful acts such as hackers etc. We are not responsible.

Dispute resolution
In case of need for litigation concerning this site, Nagoya District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial.