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Company Information

Company Information

Company Name: Fujikagu Industry Co., Ltd
CEO: Masayoshi Shibayama
Head Office: 1 Kamisugo, Miyoshi-Cho, Miyoshi, Aichi, 470-0224, Japan
Telephone: 0561-34-3741
Fax: 0561-34-0625
Capital: 70,000,000yen
Establishment: 1953.11
Main Business: Sales of Domestic and Import furniture
Employee: 53 staff


Corporate Principles
We will continue to be a professional group that explores products of commitment from all over the world and proposes living space according to customer's lifestyle

Managerial Policy
1. Only one management
I will explore products that are only here - services that are only here

2. Provide information to stimulate inspiration
Information on lifestyle & culture around the world will be disseminated

3. From creation of needs to proposal of living space
Proposing a living space to turn customer's deep wish into joy

4. Hone your intuition, sensitivity and insight
Insight the essence of things, cherish intuition and sensitivity