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Product Information

Painted Lacquer
Ashley company products are finished using lacquer paint. Lacquer is the official name nitrocellulose lacquer, and it is made from nitrifying cotton (nitrocellulose) which is a natural material as the main raw material. As it is made of natural materials like Japanese lacquer, it is easy to familiarize with wood and has a characteristic that taste comes out enough to wear it. In Japan, urethane coating that consumers do not need maintenance is common, as they are generally not aware of the maintenance of furniture in general. On the other hand, natural finishes such as wax and oil finish and lacquer paint are often used in Western countries to make use of wood in modern times. Repeated maintenance such as waxing, deepens the old color and taste called patina, it will change and transform to a more beautiful piece.

Antique Processing
Antique processing is given to Ashley's furniture. Wooden products can have scratches and wormholes holes etc. after many years. By painting above the wound of the furniture, the paint accumulates on the scratches and the edges and becomes a dark color, and a unique texture comes out. The Ashley Company applies an antique processing called Distressing (distressing) on antique furniture and this process has been used on new furniture for many years.

About the Country of Origin 
The Ashley Company is planning, developing, designing all products in-house. There are production bases all over the world as a global enterprise. Finished furniture parts are assembled and finalized and produced from each country in plants across the USA. Since the prohibition of raw materials, parts, labor force in the United States cannot be assembled or performed outside of the USA, the indication of the country of origin of Ashley products is written in the name of the factory where the main parts were produced. Even if the country of origin displayed is from other countries, the final finish is undertaken under the supervision of Ashley Company in a factory in the USA.

Features of Furniture

Accent Chair
With the Accent chair, you can enjoy relaxing moments in an American home. It is used for reading and watching movies in the living room and bedroom.

Ashley's reclining sofa is also known as a zero-set recliner. Because the seat reclines while sliding forward, you can enjoy the reclining function by just setting the backrest with a gap of about 5 cm from the wall.

Lift Top Table
A unique cocktail table with the top board lifting in front. You can eat like a dining while sitting on the sofa when you use it with the top board lifted. It is a table with outstanding functionality, which makes it easier for PC work etc. There is also a type with castors, and it is easy to move when reclining together with reclining sofa.

Lighting only from the ceiling is common in Japan, but in the United States it creates a warm atmosphere with table lamps and floor lamps as accent.

Ashley Rugs give your room space a gorgeous and silencing effect! Rugs provide a scratch prevention to the flooring and play a role in making the dust harder to dance across the room. Moreover, you can enjoy the scenery and even change the look of the room easily.

Bed Linen
Ashley's bed linen includes a pillow cover, an accent cushion, a bed skirt, a cotton futon or a bedspread in a basic set. Depending on the series, there is also a set of cotton futon and pillow case. In the United States, homeowners who invite guests may show their bedrooms, so we arrange a variety of cushions and produce more luxurious Bed linens for an elegant space.

Extension (extension type) Table
Ashley offers a wide range of elongated dining tables. Since home parties are also actively conducted in the United States, the elongated table is mainstream. So, if you have many guests in your home, the elongated type tables are convenient to fit your guests comfortably.

Dining Chair
The seat height is as high as 48 cm compared to the Japanese chair, but the table itself is also high. The feeling of sitting and placing your elbows on the table is not much different from that of Japan.

China Cabinet
In Japan China cabinets are used as cupboards to store dishes, but in the USA, it is used as a display for decorative dishes. Many cabinets also have built-in touch sensor type lamps on the upper platform that gently illuminate decorative dishes.

Within the young generation of the United States, hosting cocktail parties and inviting friends is prevalent, and counter tables are very popular. Counters are also used as breakfast tables and can be conveniently used as a PC table which is also very popular.

Pocket Coil Sheet
Pocket coil sheets are used on the seat side of the sofas. It has less looseness than the conventional urethane sheet, and it firmly supports the body.

Ultra Plush® Ultra Plush
Compared with conventional Ashley company urethane sheet, Ultra Plush is a material whose density is increased by 17%. Polyester cotton is added to urethane material and has a structure that makes it difficult for furniture lean towards the side.

Durapella® Durapella
This is the original microfiber cloth of Ashley Company. Durapella is characterized by its high scratch resistance and easy removal of dirt. It is easier to maintain and is ideal for families with children and pets.

DuraBlend® DuraBlend
Ashley's original synthetic leather. Combined with genuine leather and cotton fabric, a new material consisting of three layers with a PU (polyurethane) coating on the surface. Unlike ordinary synthetic leather, it is a stretchy material that provides soft leather comfort.

Bed Size
Mattress sizes are different in Japan than they are in the USA and Europe. All beds from the Ashley company are American size. The size for Twin (W96 × L190) and Full (W135 × L190) for children, Queen (W152 × L202) and King (W193 × L202) for adults. Recently, a size called California King (W 180 * L 202) was introduced which is like the King size in Europe.