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Product after ordering can not basically be canceled due to customer convenience. Once we have completed your order, we will not accept cancellation even before shipping,
Please check carefully when ordering.

About returned goods / exchange
By customer circumstances: I ordered it by mistake, the color was different from what I thought, the size was big, the same item at the store, I can not receive anything, such as purchase.

In case of product defect
I am sorry. We will respond promptly and return or exchange it. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact us. In the case of overseas imported goods, there may be individual differences such as damage processing, color unevenness and so on. We appreciate your understanding.

Procedure of return / exchange
If you wish to return or exchange, please contact us within 2 days after delivery. After confirming whether return / exchange is possible or not, we will show you how to collect the goods etc. In addition, if it becomes discontinued and exchange goods can not be prepared, it will be refund compliant.

Shipping fee upon return / exchange
We will bear the case in case of defective / misdelivered return / exchange. In the case of large-sized items, return will be charged in case you can not bring in the return shipping fee. Please note earnestly.

Regarding refunds due to product defects / misdelivery, we will refund the applicable amount of payment.
• Refund method : We will refund to the card you used or the bank account you provided. Please note that it takes about one week for refund procedure.

* When you put in a holiday, Saturday and Sunday, we may get time to respond.

We are trying to reproduce the actual color and texture of the product images posted on this site, The color may different from the real thing due to the adjustment of the light at the time of shooting, the monitor environment used, etc. Also, there are many goods that require damage processing, when it is in a place different from the product image and texture of natural materials. There are also individual differences for each, so please be forewarned.

The purchase and sale of goods in the net shop is outside the scope of the "visit sales law" stipulated by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Ordinance. Therefore, we are not supposed to be able to cool off by the "mail order law", so please acknowledge it beforehand.