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Warranty Information

The warranty period of the item is one year from the delivery date. During this period, we will repair or replace defects / damage caused by product defects at no charge. However, spontaneous consumption, dirt, scratches, etc. generated with use become out of warranty and will be paid repair / maintenance. In addition, direct sunlight, direct sunlight of air conditioners and heaters, deformation / discoloration caused by chemical substances of wall materials and flooring materials, breakdown / damage due to movement / transportation after delivery, failure caused by inappropriate handling, or carelessness Damage etc may not be subject to free repair even within the warranty period.

Please keep it carefully because we will check the purchase slip or purchase receipt for guarantee. Also, please check product when goods arrive. In the unlikely event that there is a problem or damage, please contact the purchase store or person in charge.

In the following cases please note that it will be repaired / exchanged for a fee even during the warranty period.

• Wear caused by use, aging, dirt, scratches.
• Consumables such as lamps, batteries, urethane, felt etc.
• Damage caused by natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood damage, pollution, etc.
• When we do modifications, repairs etc. other than our company. Malfunctions or defects caused by incompleteness in construction outside our company.
• Chemical reaction with floor, carpet, wall material etc, damage caused by indoor environment such as mold, mite, dew condensation etc.
• Damage due to customer's misuse or negligence, damage due to transportation / movement etc. after delivery.
• Commercial facilities such as restaurants · Public works · In-company facilities and other unspecified people use environment when used in.
• Other cases where it is judged as inappropriate handling.

※ This warranty provision is effective only in Japan.